International Program in Innovation, Sustainability and Design


This project aims to develop an international training program in innovation, sustainability and design with a wide range of academic, covering various aspects of the knowledge area of innovation and sustainability inside SmartUIB frame.

Training program

Course Offerings for the year 2017:

Creating Community Ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The aim of this workshop is to offer participants an in depth introduction into the United Nations sustainable development agenda and in particular the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Particular focus is given to stimulating conversation about how to implement the different SDGs at the scale of local municipalities and the wider region (island). This day-long workshop is designed to enable potential facilitators and multipliers to replicate the same workshop by themselves with the use of the purpose-design flashcards.

Transformative Innovation: An Introduction to 3 Horizon Thinking

The workshop will introduce the 3 Horizon Framework for thinking about the future, which can be applied to move from disruptive to transformative innovation in technology, policy, and societal change. In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to apply 3 Horizons thinking to your business and have the opportunity to practice working with the framework through case-studies in small-group breakout sessions

Bio-Inspired Innovation: Product - Production – Ecosystems

Nature has a 3.8 billion years head start in research and development. Biomimicry, as the practice of bio-inspired innovation in product design, production methods and systemic optimization, has been responsible for an increasing number of successful new patents and technological innovations. In this 3 day workshop you will learn about exciting examples of biomimetic innovation as a way to familiarize yourself with a new methodology for innovation based on teaching nature as a model, as a measure, and as a mentor to create sustainable innovation and design.

Regenerative Design: The Regenerative Practitioner Training (Europe)

The move from simply aiming for sustainable innovation to regenerative development is both a shift in methodology and mindset. The Regenerative Practitioners Training is a blended learning course with 8 on-line meetings followed by a 3 day intensive. This successful program has been taught for 5 years in the USA and recently in New Zealand and Australia. This is the first time the training intensive is being offered in Europe.

Transition Design: Re-Designing the Everyday for a Cosmopolitan Localism

The Transition Design movement is currently revolutionizing academic design education around the world, helping design educators and design students to reframe their role from servants of industrial development to cultural change agents that facilitate the transition to a new kind of cosmopolitan localism. The workshop brings together the three founders of this movement from one of the most prestigious design schools in the world to offer participants a new theoretical framework as well as a new approach to their practice as designers who are reshaping a sustainable everyday