Transformative Innovation: An Introduction to 3 Horizon Thinking

Partner organizations: International Futures Forum (IFF) & H3Uni.

Main teachers: Bill Sharpe, International Future Forum (IFF); Dr.Daniel C. Wahl, Transition Catalyst at IFF.

Prospective date & duration of workshop: To be defined.

Key target audience: Innovators in Business, Public Authority and Research & Development; Government Technicians and Policy Makers; Start-Up Coaches; Business Developers; Business Strategists; Upper Management; People in Leadership Positions.

Brief description of workshop theme: The workshop will introduce the 3 Horizon Framework for thinking about the future, which can be applied to move from disruptive to transformative innovation in technology, policy, and societal change. In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to apply 3 Horizons thinking to your business and have the opportunity to practice working with the framework through case-studies in small-group breakout sessions.

Workshop location: UIB Sa Riera, Palma   C/ de Miquel dels Sants Oliver, 2 

Estimated cost of workshop: 460 Euros (includes the tuition, materials, tea breaks, and a copy of Bill Sharpe’s book Three Horizons: the patterning of hope").


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