Definition and main action areas

The SmartPark project proposes the transformation of part of the University of the Balearic Islands campus into an experimental park dedicated to innovation and knowledge transfer in the water cycle, land regeneration and the design of public natural spaces through action and research aimed at the recovery and rehabilitation of natural spaces and historical and cultural heritage.

Through this project, it is proposed to create a circular economy system focused on three of the main action areas:

1.     The water cycle. The goal is to allow 80% of the water consumed on the campus to be reused.

2.     Soil regeneration. It is intended to recover its fertility in order to put it back into production with the aim of reaching 40 productive hectares.

3.     Landscape reordering. It serves as a nexus between the previous two points and involves redoing and ajust some parts of the urbanization in order to transform the University campus into a more human and environmentally friendly space. It is worth noting the need to interconnect the two areas that are currently separated and break the wetland ecosystem of La Font de la Vila.

Finally, it also aims to recover and preserve the Síqua Reial, which is part of the fourth main action area: the historical and cultural heritage located on the campus.

The project is co-financed with ERDF funds corresponding to the Operational Programme 2014/2020 and with the Sustainable Tourism Tax Fund from the 2017 call.