Regenerative Design: The Regenerative Practitioner Training (Europe)

Partner organization: The Regenesis Group, USA

Main teachers: Prof. Bill Reed, USGBC Certified Architect, Co-founder of Regencies (t.b.c.) Pamela Mang, Co-founder Regenesis, former corporate consultant, team development expert (t.b.c.) Ben Haggard, Principal & Co-founder of Regenesis, Strategy, Planning & Development expert

Prospective date & duration of workshop: Intensive: November 2nd to 5th; Webinars between late August and end of October, 2017

Key target audience: Professional planners, architects, building engineers, community organizers, and policy makers

Brief description of workshop theme: The move from simply aiming for sustainable innovation to regenerative development is both a shift in methodology and mindset. The Regenerative Practitioners Training is a blended learning course with 8 on-line meetings followed by a 3 day intensive. This successful program has been taught for 5 years in the USA and recently in New Zealand and Australia. This is the first time the training intensive is being offered in Europe (limited to 25 participants).

Cost:  2.200 Euros (Includes all the course except for the accommodation and meals of the cohort in Mallorca)

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Important: The workshop will be held only in english.